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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Ya wont see this too often.  Me gettin on TBT's Lap and next to Iza.  She might just be very deeply asleep.  Its hard to tell.
But I took advantage of the opportunity.
And TBT did too.  Camera shots...
Mezzer furs in serious proximity...
But of course, he mostly wanted to get ME.
Stretched hard around to get the frontest he could.
But took more where I seemed happiest.
I wasn't "thrilled" with my nose in Iza's feet., but I did get her tailie in the way..
But ya accept the good lap when ya can...  And I was happified about it...

And TBT astayed as still as possible fer nearly an hour ta let me enjoy the lap.

After, I climbed up on his shoulder, but there arent pics of that.  We keep some things private.