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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Special Dress Up Saturday

IZA:  I haven't done this fer a while.  And I bet not many of you know I am a Goth-Girlcat at heart.  Well, OK, from my purrsonality ya might.

But I have a real dress-up as a gift from Spittikins a few years ago.

THIS outfit takes some real time ta arrange!
But is it THIS cool or what?

And I'm wearing it to remind Spittikins-Lovey-Dearest why he should come over VERY SOONEST and rest his weary royal head on my silken tum and admire me all fancified with his gifts that I have not forgotten about... And forget about Finlandia(N)-Politics fer a while.

And I will feed him real live dead shrimp, bits of just-barely-cooked filet mignon steak and some chedder cheese until he falls into a coma of love that I will merely lay there and admire in happiness...

And that will cause MY happiness. 

Saturday Caturday - Three Kitties

AYLA:  OK, sometimes we don't stay all this close.  And sometimes when we do there are some face-offs.  And it is usually Iza and Me.  We confront each other sometimes, and it is innerestin.  Iza is bigger, but I am faster with the paws.  Purrsonally, I like to think of it as Me being a BIG LEOPARD and Iza bein a small lioness.

And as as you can see, Marley is ready to go run unner the bed.  He knows when to get out of the way...  He would smooth things over after or stop annything serious if TBT dint, but hes not sure what ta do right there.  Boycats, MOL!
 But then we just stopped.  La-La-La, friends again.  Well, sometimes we just like to test each other. 
Well, we all wanted to go out.  Never mind it was dark.  We wanted to.  But TBT wouldn't let us.  He never does.  It never hurts ta ask though,
I held the door area while Iza left.  I won... Ya can tell I won cuz my tail is curled around me and Iza's tail is lowish.
 You can tell it was all calm again cuz Marley is just sitting there...
Not our typical evening, but all was resolved with TBT tossing kibbles around fer us to chase.  There aren't many hissies that a few tossed kibbles won't solve.