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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Not Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  We didn't have the Garden Tour today.  I'm annoyed.  But TBT got up late, went food-shopping, came back and put his foods away, then mowed the lawn, and THEN it seemed like it was gonna rain.  It was just not a good idea fer a garden tour today.

An *I* was put off of the garden today myself.  Ya see, I followed TBT out to his garden and inside between the poles.  He was putting stakes in the ground to hold the tamater cages up.  When he was leaving, he called me ta follow.  And I ran into the garden enclosure! 

Yeah, ya read that right, I was inside it and then I ran into it.  I dint know there were invisible walls around it.  I literally ran smack into it, and bounced off.  I couldnt *see* whatever it is surrounding the garden between the poles.  I actally had ta reach out a paw until I touched it. 

Its like the deck door.  Sometimes there is that insect-stopping thing there too.  All of us here have hit that a few times.

Now I know how the birdies feel when they hit glass.  At least I hit it at slow speed and it gave some...  Mousie-droppings!  TBT has some tricky stuff around.