Saturday, July 04, 2015

Independence Day

10 PM:  We forgot about the "boomies"!  TBT was watching the colorful stuff on the TV, but with the sound low.  Then all of a sudden about an hour ago, explosions started around us outside.  We all went "Oh Mouse-Droppings, its THAT day again".

So we all sat around his feet (with Marley mostly unner the chair - which is not a really good place cuz it rocks, but he wasnt leaving).  The boomies stopped sometimes, so we walked around a bit, but then they started up again.

They are still going on now.  But the TV show was over, so TBT got on the computer so we followed him real close runnin all over his feet as he tried to walk.  In fact we are unner the computer table now calling out some suggestions of what he should could type fer us (cuz we sure arent gettin up there right now).

We hope it was quieter wherever you are!