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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  My Easy Sunday started off normal.  I enjoy sitting up on the deck rails, ya know.  It gets me way up "high" without much effort. Marley and Iza were down in the yard.
But Iza popped up right near me.  That's always a concern.  You can see she is much bigger.  And she can be a bully.  
 But this time she just wanted ta talk.  Whew!  I hate ta hafta go all whappy-paws.  I'm faster, but she is bigger and stronger.  She looked around to see iffen Marley was around.  He wasn't.  Aha, apparently she wanted some girlcat-talk.  OK, I can handle that.  So what was the subject?
I should have known...  Spitty.  Again.  For such an otherwise confident girlcat, she does have her weak spot.  I mean, *I* think Spitty is a fine mancat too, but I don't see him the same way Iza does.  But he matters a lot to HER and when it is sisfurly stuff, ya gotta listen patiently.

I wont give ya the details, sisfur stuff stays private (usually).
But I did assure Iza that "she is a lovely girlcat and anny mancat should be grateful fer her attention".  That seemed ta reassure her.    Then I suggested that mebbe she should wear a collar with LOTS of tinkle bells on it.  She said she would go ask TBT to do that for her.

I do have a mean streak...

I don't know iffen that will help her with Wandering-Eye-Spitty at all, but at least I'll know where she is in the house...  She's not dumb, but she IS gullible.

And since she ran in the deck door when TBT opened it and will bug him about a many-belled collar fer hours at least I will sure have an EASY afternoon outside today...

And Spitty, would you please come over and sit on her tummy or whatever you do and calm her down?  She is annoying us no end with her anxieties.