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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Thank you for coming on the tour this week.  I have neat stuff ta show cuz Summer is in full swing. 

The Coreopsis are looking great up on the deck.  They dont do so well out in the flowerbeds, but they seem to love large pots here.
We have Caladiums.  The ones on the left were saved in the pot inside over Winter.  The ones on the right are new but I hope fer similar survival fer next year.  They are the most colorful shady plants I know of.
 Oh cool, Marley is joining us!  I guess he enjoyed being part of the tour last time.  Its good ta see him part of the garden team.  He MUST be happy; just look at his tail up...
This pot of Caladiums didnt do so well over Winter, but there is one good bulb and Dare I see?  Another little shoot poking up!  Looks like the pot might get Winter treatment again... 
Over here we got some "average" Hostas.  After the deck was built last year, TBT chopped up a couple of them into 15 really small bits of roots and  they ALL grew back in the new spot unner the deck.  Those things are hard ta kill...  Annyway, they are even flowering. 
Now follow me around to some of the escaped Lychamnistra Lysymachia Lysisistra (whatever) Firecracker.   They DO look nice, but they are impossible ta control.
The yeller flowers ARE nice though.
A nice view of our Nip Patch.  Who knew they had flowers (and who cares)?   MOL!
TBT has Coneflowers all over the place.  They're durable and the bees love them.  TBT assumes the actual flower is the orange part, cuz that's where the bees and flutterbys go.
More of them over here, too.   Its hard ta dislike a perennial plant that flowers most of the Summer...
Not flowers yet, but ya can see the flowerbuds on the Black-Eye Susans here.  They will be great next time, I hope.
 The Stoke's Aster is still blooming.  That is TBT's favrite flower, I think.  They bloom nicely, the plants look OK the rest of the time, and they seem to live about forever.
 Here is the Torch Plant.  Its kinna cool.  It opens little flowers from the top down.  But iffen it is a "torch", shouldnt it go from the bottom up?  Oh well, Beins and their names...
The Butterfly Bush is finally flowering.  We don't see so many flutterbys the past few years, but I saw a couple of the big yeller ones yesserday.
More Coneflowers.  I TOLD ya they were everywhere.
An here is a young apple.  It won't last.  The Evil Skwerls come and pick them all off before they are ripe.  TBT says he should just cut them down to spite the Evil Skwerls...
Well, that was a lot of walkin around!  Lets go up on the deck an see what Marley an Ayla have prepared as snacks.  What, ANTS?  Oh, never mind, they are just wandering around.  They seem ta like the warm fake wood fer some reason.  Ahhh, BACON!  An boiled pork bits (good, no spicies).  Marley, are there drinks?  Nip smoothies and Chickie-broth?  Sounds great!  Let have at it...