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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flutterby Viewing Tour


My turn ta show the gardens an I choose ta interupt the regular Garden Tour to show Flutterbys today.  There havent been many and a bunch showed up today, so I decided it was special. 

You may look but NOT WHAP...

We don't have enough of them lately ta whap...
 But we know ya want to.
 WE are holdin it in too.  And yeah, there are some bees an TBT says we gotta leave them alone, too.
 Are they bootiful?
They seem to love the torch plant...  An there are a bunch of really small ones called Painted Ladies but they move around fast.
And here is the annual bed FINALLY planted.
 It doesn't look like much now cuz the poor plants are just getting started.  But they allus start out bad, so give them a month.
I know from 'sperience they will grow fast this time of year...

Now, with keepin our paws off the flutterbys, I think we need some special treats.  That's Iza's job this time, lets hope she didnt eat them all herself.

Oh Bast she did.


Ah, quick response.  He is well-trained.    We seem to have bits of ham, bits of poached chickie, um, some fresh Nip leafs, and CREAM?  Neat.