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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nudge, Pudge, and Smudge

MARLEY:  TBT reminded me that not every Bein an Kitteh knows about my smudge.  An while I dont flaunt it, it IS there an I cant ignore it.  So today I wanna remind ya all, that we have household nicknames (like we figure almost evrycat does).

Ours are Nudge, Pudge, and Smudge.  Arent Beings clever?  (Gag).

Ya see, when Ayla came (an I only know this from TBTs tales), she liked to push her head against TBT, so he nicknamed her "Nudge".  And then Iza came an she was fat even as a kitten, so he nickenamed her "Pudge". 

I'm told some of you already know this, but I didnt, so bear with me.

And then *I* came along, and TBT saw that black spot on the side of my head, and he called me "Smudge". 

So sometimes when we are all on the deck and he calls us in, he says "C'mon, Nudge, Pudge, and Smudge".  I swear, iffen there wasnt usually food being promised, we would bite his ankles...

So I usually dont show that side of me in pictures.  But under duress (offers of many kibbles) I allowed him to take pictures of my Smudge. 

So here they are...

TBT thinks that technically makes me a male tortie (which is unusual), but as barely as possible.  What do YOU think?