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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday


Well. once again, we don't have much to show.  The Spring flowers are all gone, and the Summer flowers are just starting.  Still, there ARE some.

First, we HAVE ta show off the oriental lilies.  They are blooming like CRAZY.
The fragrance is awesome!  They apparently LOVE that spot.

The Sourwood tree that TBT has been tryin ta keep going fer 20 years was assumed dead BUT a new shoot appeared from the roots this year, so he will keep tryin ta help it.

He says "Hope Springs Eternal".  And he seems really determined to assist "hope".

And there is this nice tomato he picked that has some family connection.  More about that HERE.
But there are some fails too.  The Vishus Deer have returned to eat some of the nice Hostas.
Ya see how they eat off the leafs?  Thats not nice.

Its also the hot time of the year and the Snow-On-The-Mountain are dying back.  They arent used to the hots here, being native to the North where it is cooler.
Its OK, though, they come back in the cooler Fall again.  We don't know how they come back.  But as long as they do, we will like them.  They are a remembrance from TBT parents in NH.  TBT needs ta go in an cut off all the tops.  But thats like elevetieth on his TO DO list.

Now, lets see about snacks and drinks.  TBT says he is managing this one, so it better be GREAT...

Hmm, diced ham, diced chickie breast, with crushed Nip leafs on top?  Ohh nice touch.  So what do we lap?  Cream with whipped chickie fat?  OMC, thats new...  Let's get AT it!