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Monday, August 10, 2015


We have been warned that strangers are coming to our yard today and there is going to be lots of noise.  Apparently, TBT is causing some trees ta come crashing down with the help of big noisy machines and lots of BEINS WE DONT KNOW!

We are choosing our hiding places...  TBT is leaving the bedroom closet door a bit open fer us, and that sounds pretty good.  He has moved some stuff out and set down folded blankets and pillows.  The furthest place from the noise will be in the bedroom and in the computer room.  So he is putting out some boxes in the computer room with towels on the the bottoms in case we decide we prefer that.

We will have water in both rooms and he is bringing up 2 fresh litter boxes from the basement (one in each room and far from the water bowls, of course).  And he promises to make sure we have our favrit foods available even IF we dont feel like eating .

As it happens, there are no windows where we can see all the activity IN CASE we wanted to anyway (which is pretty unlikely - but ya never know about Ayla, she can be oddly brave and curious sometimes).

So we are going to be mostly in hiding all day, though TBT says he may bring the laptop into the bedroom so we can visit our friends iffen we want to.  We are behind a couple days of that, so we might, but don't count on it.  Hiding is probably the rule for the day...