Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Surprise

The tree guys are back today, makin even more noise than yesserday.  So we are hidin again.  Unner the bed is the popular place today (yesserday was the closet).

This part below is from last night after all the noiseys were gone for a few hours...

MARLEY:  Well, ya can only nap on TBT fer so long.  Ya gotta get up an stretch sometimes.
IZA:   Marley, you KNOW why we both got up at the same time!  TBT had ta get up and walk around.  It had NOTHING ta do with us "stretching".
 MARLEY:  Great, shame me in front of all our friends!  Thanks a whole bunch...
IZA:  Well, your the one who (hey wait, is Ayla posting this)?  Oh Bast!  Just settle down an be quiet!