Monday, August 31, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I did some real close-UPS and they were funny, so I will share them!
 TBT kept the flashie off so I could look real close into the camera...
I could hardly tell he was taken pictures at all!  Just a click-click noise.
THAT was cool.  I hope he does that more times.  But better focussed...
I had my nosie right up against the camera on this one.
An, sorry, I moved just as he clicked...
But I thought this was real fun!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  I'm showing off my very EARLY Easy Like Sunday today.  Well, Ayla an Iza arent even up yet.  This old platform TBT made years ago is pretty much mine.  Anycat here is welcome to it, but Im the one who likes it.
I like ta wait until TBT gets up and he knows I am in there, so he walks in...
I curl and stretch my paws out in delight ta see him.
Really, stretch my paws.  
As far as I can...
And then I wait.
Cuz all that stretching gets me chin scritchies.  Sorry, he couldnt do the chin scritchies AND take pictures, but trust me, he does good!  I wouldnt stretch out my front legs like this fer NO reason, ya know?
Under both sides of my chin, around the ears, and around the sides of my head.  I passed out once from all that...  SOMETIMES, I let him werk his wiggly fingers into my armpits.  I hope thats not too weerd.  But it feels good.  I don't allow it often, so it feels special when I do.
 But then, it IS time ta get up and deal with the day.  Ayla and Iza are usually up and about by then.
Sometimes, I am so relaxicated, I just slide off the top platform and ease my way down ta the floor.  He thinks that is hilarious, but Im just saving energy.  And then it is breakfastime!

THATs a good Easy Like Sunday, right?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Caturday Saturday

We have TBT surrounded...

I (Iza) on the right arm of the chair, I (Ayla) on the left one, and I (Marley), on the back of the chair.  We are waiting for TBT to be done with his roast Chick-Hen dinner.  Then his plate will be set on the floor and we can have at it.

Dont get us wrong, we arent waiting fer just a simple greasy plate (though there is plenty of that good lickin stuff).  He makes sure to leave LOTS of shedded bits on it just fer us.  We mean, we WATCH him shred part of the chick-hen just fer US, so its deliberate.  And after all the kibbles he tossed to us earlier while he ate, that adds up.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

TBT's Offerring For This Day...

I could not save you all, my kits,
From errors I did make.
And here this side The Rainbow Bridge,
Entire blame I take.

The life of men is long, dear friends
The lives of cats are less.
I’m here to try and give atone,
For making such a mess.

And Tinkerbelle then came along,
When I was better set.
I learned to be a proper friend,
And I’m still learning yet.

With Skeeter and then Sweet LC,
I finally achieved
Some measure of the rightful care
That all you cats did need.

I’ll meet you at The Bridge, dear friends,
My lifetime banner furled.
And then I hope we last can meet,
Your tails so sweetly curled.

You current ones, It is not time,
To cross that Bridge Eternal.
There still is time to please you all,
And you please me, if able.

So, on this day, let’s joyfully
Enjoy the world here nigh.
There’s time enough to love
The Bridge when that long time comes by.

And do remember this, you kits,
Remember those who have
Traversed The Bridge in pain or peace,
The happiness it gave.

And so we will remember them
The cats of times gone past.
And knowing that one day we all,
Traverse That Bridge at last.


When finally, my last breath gone, I hope that I shall see, some dear old kitty friends of mine waving paws to me.  I was never perfect, I erred so stupidly,  but if they will forgive me, I'll join them gratefully.  If Rainbow Bridge will have me,  I'll walk that path in peace.  And any kitty waiting there,  will come across with me.  For I will know it was not me who brought them there across, but they who brought me over, sensing how much *I* was lost...


For Kenani, Hai Yu Phin, Ralph, Sport-Sport, Cat Ballou, Snowball, Blackie, Whitey, Mischief, Tinkerbelle, Skeeter, and LC.  And for those who still are with me and are yet to cross; Ayla, Iza, and Marley.  And for those I have not yet met, but will...


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Freaky Thursday?

AYLA: I like to stand up.  Seriously, I'm a Princess, so  have to be an "upstanding" member of the house society...
Besides, there was a moth involved...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Answer Day Wensday

We get questions in the comments, an sometimes we dont reply at once.  So sometimes we save a day ta answer the questions...

1.  Penelope asked if Marley finally fell off TBT's lap when Iza was pushin on him.  No, he's hard ta move (Iza)

2.  The Island Cats and The Celestial Kitties wondered that TBT makes us werk fer our food.  No, kibbles fer us are treats.  TBT tosses them around the floor to us when he sits down ta eat his own dinner.  We think catchin the tossed kibble is a real great game.  Ya all should try it sometime.    How many games have edible treats?

3.  The Sweet Purrfections say their Mom wishes they would sleep on Her lap like we do TBT's.  Well we know a secret.  Get yer Mom ta sit in front of the TV with some DVDs and some "snacks" at hand
and the Mom wont move fer a while.  And if YER not sure about hopping up, get on the arm of the chair and ask fer scritchies.  That usually leads ta laptime.

4.  Summer asked "How do you get your human to sit still long enough for a good nap?"  Which is a bit like the Sweet Purrfection's question above, but in reverse.  OK, first, ya sedate the Bein with TV, then purrs and longing looks.  We almost guarantee that iffen ya stare at yer Bein from the floor long enough when it is TV-tranced, it will catch on to the idea ya wanna sit on them.  It may take a few tries...

5.  Spitty asks ta "lay his weary head on Iza's soft tummy".  Well, sure, anytime Dear Spittikens.  I thought you forgot all about me!  But beware some slight open claws ta remind ya I'm not ta be played with.  ~ Iza

6.  Penelope also asked iffen I (Marley) arranged that the 3 of us would eat together Sunday.  Well, yes. Yes I did.  And it took some werk!

And of course, there have to be some pictures...

Happy Wensday, all...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bag Frustrations, Maybe, and OUR 9TH BLOGOVERSARY!

TBT fooled us AGAIN!  He left the emty kibble bag on the kitchen floor.
The bag SMELLS like treats...
But there arent anny in there...   We checked.
We all checked VERY carefully.
Not a kibble to be had!

But then he immediately showed us the bowl of them and started tossing them around.  Bast, it is FUN chasin those tossed kibbles an eatin them!

We knew he wouldnt cheat us...

But we have a surprise too.  IT'S OUR 9TH BLOGOVERSARY!

Well, not OURS really, we were late-comers.  It was all TBT, Skeeter, and LC then.

But here's the first post.  HERE
Its fun to read the very first stuff...

We would have a party, but we just had one fer Marley's Birfday an we are STILL all kinna worn out from that.  So we will just enjoy the day celebratin it more quietly an hope ya will join us.  That doesnt mean ya all arent welcome to come visit.  We would like that.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Girlcat Monday

IZA:  Well, I'm glad THAT week is done.  I wasnt on TBTs lap much at all.  Allus someone else there.
 But Im back there NOW...
 Time fer serious nappin.
Iffen Marley settles down that is...
Mebbe iffen I push on the chair and squirm a bit back he will leave.
 Push, Push, Push...
Not werkin.
 Bast!  Its like tryin ta push a cinder block!
I'll just have to keep pushin.  Pushin...  pushin...  ZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  First, we wanna mention that no one guessed where the skink was yesserday.  None of us caught it.  Oh sure, we chased it around, but it got unner the bottom edge of the siding an we couldnt get our paws unner there.  TBT finally called us in fer lunch.  He says he saw it come out a few minutes later and run along to the foundation where it can get up out of reach and sunned itself there fer a while.

Second, we decided to do our Easy Sunday by all eating together.  That may not seem special, but Ayla likes ta eat her meals high up on the bedroom shoe rack so she can take her time about it.  Otherwise, Iza shoves her nose in the bowl an takes it over.  So her eating in the kitchen was worth noting...
 I can get up on the shoe rack too, but I allus wait til Ayla is done and hops down. 
 Its the Brotherly thing ta do...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Deck Thrills

This is the easiest guessing-game ever!  Mebbe...

Where's the skink?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Flashback Friday

TBT here:

LC, 6 years ago today...  Washing out on the deck in the heat.

     It isn't an anniversary of anything, I just miss her a lot and decided to go through the files to see what was happening this day in years past and found these lovely pictures.

I suppose I talk about Skeeter more when I mention the "previous generation".  And LC was never an adoring lap cat.  But she was friendly, happy, and easy-going, and there is a lot to be said for such a cat.

Skeeter was a cat at home outside and indoors.  He loved being on or around me.  He lived around me.  LC was more her own cat.  She accepted attention nicely, but did not especially seek it.  She ate whatever was offerred happily.  She loved catching (and eating) frogs.

So, today, for no special reason, I am thinking of her...