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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Finally, Outside Again

IZA:  Well, we sure were glad ta be let out again yesserday afternoon!  We had been spending the days hiding and the nights stayin closer to TBT than usual.
Marley had a good hidey spot unner the bed.
He would come out briefly when TBT was there but only as far as the door.
I was braver and would frequently sit right at the deck door ta see what little I could.
I dont even KNOW where Ayla spend most of her time!  But when TBT opened the deck door, she and I were right out there ta look around.
Marley was far more cautious...
In fact, when he saw how differnt things were in the side yard (and that the deck door was closed), he was real unhappy.  See how his tail is not only real low, but even twisted?
But he got over it and came out with us to our usual napping places.
Briefly annyway.  He really just wanted ta go back inside.  I admit that I wanted to return inside too...
When Ayla joined us at the door,  TBT relented and let us all in.
We did get extra treats the 3 workdays.  And as a special reward (for our patience) when all was done, we got some minced pieces of raw cow!

More about yesserday tomorrow!