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Friday, August 14, 2015

Finally, Outside Again, Part 2

AYLA:  First, we are sorry we havent been visiting lately.  Things have been kinna busy sometimes, and we were hiding from the noise a lot.  We are tryin ta catch up with the posts.  TBT says he will help us visit later tonight or tomorrow when we are all feelin calm again.  We DONT wanna visit our friends while our tails are still twitchy.  Cod only knows what we might say wrong...

So, Wensday afternoon, when we all finally got out again a second time, I watched from the deck.  No way I was going out there first (besides, I LIKE stayin on the deck most times annyway).  I let Marley and Iza explore, while I watched...

Marley actually went out first.  Well, he was ecited.  From the deck, it looked like TBT had arranged fer a HUGE pile of litter.  But he was disappointed.  He meowed back up ta us "Its not what it looks like - its like chunky sawdust").
He was back in "tail-down" mode.
Iza ran down ta check fer herself.  As ya can see, they were BOTH a bit disappointed.  And they said it smelled kinna odd.  Like I couldn't tell THAT from downwind!
But they both felt a need to explore the changes to the yard.  
Marley thought the ripped up bare dirt was "pretty inneresting".  Lots of rather differnt smells.
Iza decided to walk on the stuff.  Its a lovely picture, isnt it?  And yes, she "initiated " the pile of wood chips, both #1 and #2.  Well, of course ya gotta try both ta see if there is some difference.
She declared "its like leaf litter but better fer covering".  Hearing THAT, Marley returned and examined the wood chips with new interest. 
He found a spot fer hisself and "used" it. 

I may try that myself soon.

Thus ends the story of the tree removal...