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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  TBT looked for me in my usual place an I WASNT THERE!
But when he looked around a bit, he found me.  I had a new spot.
It doesnt look like much, but theres a secret to it.  The tub is filled with REAL DIRT!  An there is a towel on top of it.

Iza was in there before, but I dint know why.  I dint know about the dirt.  Well, fergive me, we have a lot of plants in the house, so we can sort of smell dirt all the time.  It wasnt until TBT tossed a kibble in there and I chased it that I got my nose up close an realized it was dirt I could LAY on (cleanly with the towel - Im a very clean mancat).

I curled right up there of course.

And BTW,  my 5th Birfday is tomorrow, so please come an help my cellybrate!  TBT is brings all the good stuff out and in.  The stuff brought OUT is the special cat-sized boxes and bags.  The stuff brought IN is the ladders he has been using outside.  So we will have activities and games.

The toys are being sorted by Iza (our resident toy-expert) as I post, and Ayla and TBT are werkin on the menu.

Hope ta see you here tomorrow!  ~ MARLEY