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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Toesie Tuesday

AYLA:  Ya dont see ME much on Toesie Tuesday, do ya?  Thats because, as a Princess, I normally curl up demurly with all my paws in their proper places an my tail wrapped around them.

Well, I was on TBTs lap, curled up all properly as I said,  when he shifted his legs slightly.  Being deeply asleep, I sank a bit into the new lap and my paws all slipped around.

He SHOULD have woke me up an told me, but naturally his first thought was ta take a picture an let my PURRSONAL dignity wait...  
A little part of my sleepy-brain must have known though.  Ya can see my claws were coming out about the mild disorder of my position.  But it wasnt enough ta wake me up.
At least I had a nice long nap...