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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday


Well, we havent done the Garden Tour fer a few weeks cuz of strangers, a week of Sundays, an some bad weather.  So its time ta get back at it!

First, we have all the Buddlea in bloom.  We dont seem ta have as many flutterbies as in the past, but you can see a few flitting around...
The Black-Eyed Susans are doing great.  They have been in full bloom fer several weeks and show no signs of stopping.  Ya can see we have several differnt patches of them where they have chosen ta grow themselfs.   They seem ta stay healthy an dont wilt when it is dry fer a while.  TBT says thats because they are native to this area.  I think we will be getting more plants like that over the next season.
But the non-native annuals are gorjus too.  The oranj Zinnias are looking good.
As are the more puffy yeller Zinnias...
We still have some Daylilies blooming, though they will end soon.
The last of the good-smelly fancy Lilies are blooming too.
The Hydrangea are lookin good.  They are kinna funny.  They bloom green, then turn white.
Now lets go up on the deck an sit an cat-chat fer a while.  An we have snacks of course!  Ayla an TBT have made some meowgaritas, an brought out some small cubes and chick-hen and cheese.  There is some Nip, too...

Thanks fer comin along on todays Garden Tour!