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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  First, we wanna mention that no one guessed where the skink was yesserday.  None of us caught it.  Oh sure, we chased it around, but it got unner the bottom edge of the siding an we couldnt get our paws unner there.  TBT finally called us in fer lunch.  He says he saw it come out a few minutes later and run along to the foundation where it can get up out of reach and sunned itself there fer a while.

Second, we decided to do our Easy Sunday by all eating together.  That may not seem special, but Ayla likes ta eat her meals high up on the bedroom shoe rack so she can take her time about it.  Otherwise, Iza shoves her nose in the bowl an takes it over.  So her eating in the kitchen was worth noting...
 I can get up on the shoe rack too, but I allus wait til Ayla is done and hops down. 
 Its the Brotherly thing ta do...