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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bag Frustrations, Maybe, and OUR 9TH BLOGOVERSARY!

TBT fooled us AGAIN!  He left the emty kibble bag on the kitchen floor.
The bag SMELLS like treats...
But there arent anny in there...   We checked.
We all checked VERY carefully.
Not a kibble to be had!

But then he immediately showed us the bowl of them and started tossing them around.  Bast, it is FUN chasin those tossed kibbles an eatin them!

We knew he wouldnt cheat us...

But we have a surprise too.  IT'S OUR 9TH BLOGOVERSARY!

Well, not OURS really, we were late-comers.  It was all TBT, Skeeter, and LC then.

But here's the first post.  HERE
Its fun to read the very first stuff...

We would have a party, but we just had one fer Marley's Birfday an we are STILL all kinna worn out from that.  So we will just enjoy the day celebratin it more quietly an hope ya will join us.  That doesnt mean ya all arent welcome to come visit.  We would like that.