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Friday, August 28, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

TBT's Offerring For This Day...

I could not save you all, my kits,
From errors I did make.
And here this side The Rainbow Bridge,
Entire blame I take.

The life of men is long, dear friends
The lives of cats are less.
I’m here to try and give atone,
For making such a mess.

And Tinkerbelle then came along,
When I was better set.
I learned to be a proper friend,
And I’m still learning yet.

With Skeeter and then Sweet LC,
I finally achieved
Some measure of the rightful care
That all you cats did need.

I’ll meet you at The Bridge, dear friends,
My lifetime banner furled.
And then I hope we last can meet,
Your tails so sweetly curled.

You current ones, It is not time,
To cross that Bridge Eternal.
There still is time to please you all,
And you please me, if able.

So, on this day, let’s joyfully
Enjoy the world here nigh.
There’s time enough to love
The Bridge when that long time comes by.

And do remember this, you kits,
Remember those who have
Traversed The Bridge in pain or peace,
The happiness it gave.

And so we will remember them
The cats of times gone past.
And knowing that one day we all,
Traverse That Bridge at last.


When finally, my last breath gone, I hope that I shall see, some dear old kitty friends of mine waving paws to me.  I was never perfect, I erred so stupidly,  but if they will forgive me, I'll join them gratefully.  If Rainbow Bridge will have me,  I'll walk that path in peace.  And any kitty waiting there,  will come across with me.  For I will know it was not me who brought them there across, but they who brought me over, sensing how much *I* was lost...


For Kenani, Hai Yu Phin, Ralph, Sport-Sport, Cat Ballou, Snowball, Blackie, Whitey, Mischief, Tinkerbelle, Skeeter, and LC.  And for those who still are with me and are yet to cross; Ayla, Iza, and Marley.  And for those I have not yet met, but will...