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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Caturday Saturday

We have TBT surrounded...

I (Iza) on the right arm of the chair, I (Ayla) on the left one, and I (Marley), on the back of the chair.  We are waiting for TBT to be done with his roast Chick-Hen dinner.  Then his plate will be set on the floor and we can have at it.

Dont get us wrong, we arent waiting fer just a simple greasy plate (though there is plenty of that good lickin stuff).  He makes sure to leave LOTS of shedded bits on it just fer us.  We mean, we WATCH him shred part of the chick-hen just fer US, so its deliberate.  And after all the kibbles he tossed to us earlier while he ate, that adds up.