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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  I'm showing off my very EARLY Easy Like Sunday today.  Well, Ayla an Iza arent even up yet.  This old platform TBT made years ago is pretty much mine.  Anycat here is welcome to it, but Im the one who likes it.
I like ta wait until TBT gets up and he knows I am in there, so he walks in...
I curl and stretch my paws out in delight ta see him.
Really, stretch my paws.  
As far as I can...
And then I wait.
Cuz all that stretching gets me chin scritchies.  Sorry, he couldnt do the chin scritchies AND take pictures, but trust me, he does good!  I wouldnt stretch out my front legs like this fer NO reason, ya know?
Under both sides of my chin, around the ears, and around the sides of my head.  I passed out once from all that...  SOMETIMES, I let him werk his wiggly fingers into my armpits.  I hope thats not too weerd.  But it feels good.  I don't allow it often, so it feels special when I do.
 But then, it IS time ta get up and deal with the day.  Ayla and Iza are usually up and about by then.
Sometimes, I am so relaxicated, I just slide off the top platform and ease my way down ta the floor.  He thinks that is hilarious, but Im just saving energy.  And then it is breakfastime!

THATs a good Easy Like Sunday, right?