Thursday, September 03, 2015

My Mousies!

MARLEY:  They're, they're GONE!  My beloved mousies.  TBT told me there would be some changes, but I dint realize how MUCH change!

Here is what my best mousie-hunting area looked like a few days ago...
And here is what it looks like NOW!  Do YOU see anny place where a mousie would stay?  Well, *I* sure dont either.
I am CRUSHED...  Iza is none too happy either, but she isnt as dedicated to hunting mousies like I am.

After moping around all day, I decided ta look around fer another promising site.  I sat at one spot fer a while, listening fer anny mousie-sounds.  Nothing!  Well, OK, it was the hot afternoon and there probly wouldnt be anny out annyway.  And they might still be cowering in their holes from all the earth-thumping noise on Tuesday. 
But this area has lots of poky brambles an no bird-feeder ta attract them.  Worse, it is further away from the house than it looks.
Much further!
TBT says he WILL be planting stuff there besides grass, so there will be shrubs fer shade and hiding.  An the birdfeeder WILL go back up soon, but it will probly be some time before the mousies find their way back.

But how could he DO this ta me?

PeeEss: TBT has a post at his own blog with lots of pictures HERE!