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Saturday, September 05, 2015

No-Mousie Fever!

IZA:  Poor Marley is feelin poorly cuz of the loss of his Precious (precious mousies, that is)!  He just doesnt know what ta do with hisself during the day an he has bad dreams at night of bein lost in a mouseless desert.

I tried ta talk ta him today an cheer him up by mentionin that I saw TBT pacin off distances in the new bare area an lookin in his books of plants an shrubs.  But Marley refuses ta be comforted until he hears about sightings of mousies again.
TBT took a break from the books and comforted Marley.   Neck scritchies...
 Ear scritchies...
 Chin scritchies...
An Marley says it helps but only as long as the scritchies last.  
He DOES show up fer evry meal though, so purrsonally, I think hes mostly just bored.