Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Mo Cats Day

We love this day!  We mean, after all, the world is better off with "Mo Cats".  Who would keep the house mouses unner control iffen not fer US?  Woofies can grab one going past sometimes, but they can't ezactly hunt them good, ya know?

And would it make sense to have "The Dog In The Hat?  Seriously, it would just toss the hat off and shake it to bits.  And eat Thing 1 and Thing 2...  And there would be an "accident" in the corner of the den...

This is what "MO CATS" looks like:

 An we dont wanna forget past MO Cats.

LC and Skeeter were sure "MO" Cats.
 And there was the first cat TBT remembers, Kenani

And Hai Yu...   With our Aunt Susie (She hates this old picture but its all TBT has of Hai Yu)

TBT tried hard ta put us all together in one picture, but hes actally getting WORSE at Photoshop, if that is possible, so he couldn't.

There are old-fashioned chemo-pictures of others in between, but they remain yet to be scanned...  But THEY were MO Cats too and they count...

Happy Mo Cats Day!