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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

Welcome to this week's Garden Tour!  As we leave the deck, theres this pot of Caladiums.  Theyre nice an colorful.  This is a pot TBT brought inside when the leafs died back last Fall cuz the plants dont like cold weather and they came back this year.
The orange and yellow Zinnia and the red Salvia did "OK" this year.  But thats TBT's fault cuz he planted them outside kinna late this year.  Last year, they were bigger and thicker.  But they still look nice.
The pink Asters are finally blooming...
Just at the time when the Black-Eyed Susan flowers are fading.  But the goldfinches love the seeds, so I spose thats good.
The Butterfly Bushes dint bloom much this year.  They are getting kinna old.  I think TBT said they are about 20 years old.  He's gonna try to root some cuttings and start new bushes.
The red Asters are doing very good this year.
The Autumn Joy Sedum are also about as old as the Butterfly Bushes, but they are still doing great.  We plan to divide them this Fall and grow more of them.  The flowers go from white ta pink ta red ta brick red.
The Impatiens are finally blooming.  They got planted outside late too.
The Coleus were late as well, but they arent doing much at all.  Still, purple is a neat color fer plants.
Finally (and most importantly fer us kittehs), the Nip plants are doing good.  There are others of them scatterred around the yard.  They just show up in differnt places each year.  Its fun finding them each Spring!
We better go back up on the deck fer our snacks, cuz its mostly bare dirt all over the lawn.  Yer welcome ta roll in the dirt iffen ya want to, though.

There is a nice assortment of snacks this week.  We have some cubed chick-hen, bits of ham, and even some bacon.  Ohh, an some cheese, too!  Ayla an Marley helped TBT make some nice drinks also.  It looks like we have Meowgaritas and Nip Smoothies...

Thanks fer coming along on the Garden Tour with me...