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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my Garden Tour!  Most of the flowers look the same as last week, but I have a few new things ta show...

This stuff is "mesclun".  Its a mixture of fancy leafy stuff TBT adds ta salads.  He says they are kinna spicy or at least colorful.  He used ta grow regular lettuce in these windowboxes, but they didnt grow like the stuff he gets at the store.  
Besides, regular lettuce is cheap and this stuff is like $6 a pound, when he can even find it.  And it is easy ta grow.  He just snips off leafs and the plants keep growing new ones.  As far as IM concerned, they just look pretty.
We got 2 new plants.  This one is a Knock-Out Rose.  The flowers dont have anny smell, but they flower all season and the dead flowers just fall off, so we are giving one a try.  At $25 a plant, TBT says he will just take this one and root a bunch of cuttings ta make more.  
This is another $25 plant.  Its a Dwarf Butterfly Bush.  TBT is gonna root cuttings from IT too.  I think we are gonna use the new plants in the new bare area in the background.
 Meanwhile, ya can see the Zinnias are blooming nicely.  But iffen ya look close, ya can see we added some scawny Marigolds.  They been sittin in little pots all Summer, so they dint grow very much.  Well, we dint know just where ta put them, so they got ignored.  I finally told TBT ta put them SOMEWHERE!  If they grow now, good.  If not, well, they would just die in a couple months annyway...
And while he was planting them, he noticed this little funnel-shape in the dirt.  Its an ant-lion pit.  The ant-lion is some insect larva that makes these pits for ants to crawl into.  Then they cant crawl back out cuz the grainy dirt is too loose.  The ant-lion is hidden at the bottom and grabs them.  TBT has seen it happen.  Sometimes we find spots where there are a dozen or more cuz the soil is perfect for them.   They grow up ta be some flying insect that looks like a little dragonfly (but isnt) and it drinks nectar from flowers.
 The Autumn Joy Sedum flowers are turning redder.  Pretty soon they will be brick-red.
This is just one plant of it.  They are very healthy and long-lasting.
Well, its such a lovely day that we are gonna have our snacks out on the lawn.  Oh wow, we have SHRIMPS!  And Niptinis or cream.  Made with our own fresh Nip, of course...

Thanks fer coming along on my Garden Tour today!