Monday, September 21, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  It was a quiet later evening...  TBT was half-asleep in the easy chair, Ayla was up on her high place, Iza was nappin on the otto-man.

I was face-planted on a towel on TBTs lap...  Dont get me wrong, I like nappin like that.
 But I awoke.  A first swipe across they eyes ta wake up better...
Then, it was time for the serious werk!
 Paws first (the Paws That Refreshes)...
And then tongue time...   Where would us kittehs BE wifout our tonguies?
More tongue werk... I LOVE my tongue!!!
An gotta do the ears.  Iffen I don't clean my ears good, TBT gets in there with swabs an I DONT like that.
So I think Im readdy ta meet the day.  Oh wait, its still just late evening.  I can sleep fer some hours.

OK, back ta sleep...