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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  First, I wanna say that the bed lumps from yesserday were Me and Marley!  We both love ta get unner the blankies at night with TBT and sometimes we even stay there a little while when he gets up.  That is, until he leaves the bedroom, cuz that means its BREAKFAST TIME.  Ayla doesnt do that very much cuz she gets annoyed when TBT moves around.  Me and Marley tolerate that much better.

Both Summer and The Swiss Cats (Pixie specifically) guessed right.  I would give WeBeesSiameezers cats (Pipo and Minko) credit for cleverly guessing "Kitty A and Kitty B", but Ayla is oldest and would be "Kitty A", so Me and Marley are technically Kitties B and C.  I will give My Dearest Love, Spitty, a half credit guessing one was Me (therefore not guessing a wrong cat).

Now on to the Garden Tour...

The Autumn Joy Sedum continue to get deeper red.
The red Asters are near full bloom.
As they get fully open, the centers turn bright yellow...
Which attracts Good Buggies, little ones...
And big ones.
The Goldenrod is finally blooming.  It seems ta me they are late this year, but its been pretty dry fer 6 weeks, so mebbe they had ta wait.
The Zinnias continue ta look lovely.
The Impatiens are in full bloom now.  Most are Hot Pink...
But there is one Fuschia (?) plant that self-seeded from last year.
The Caladium blooms nicely too.  This one is still in the store-pot.  TBT is gonna bring it inside before cold weather an see if it will keep blooming in Winter.
The Coleus arent gonna get tall this year  (planted late) but at least the new growth is much brighter than the original leafs from when they were growing unner lights inside.
Now lets see what Ayla an Marley have prepared as snacks...  Roast pork?  Thats different!  An TBT opened a pouch of moist treats that came for free.  Our "treats" are regular dry kibble, so this should be tastier.  And to drink, we have Nip Slings (crushed fresh Nip leafs in chickie broth).  Sounds good ta ME!

Thanks fer comin on my Garden Tour this week!