Sunday, October 04, 2015

Easy Like Sunday NOT

AYLA:  I have been busy the past few days, and it didnt make for a real Easy Sunday.  There are 2 parts (I like ta be organized).

First, I have been worried about that hurricane.  TBT kept watchin it reported ta be headed right for US, and I could tell he dint want THAT.  So I took some action.  I should remind ya all that I can be a bit "Witchy" (yes that is with a real "W", thank-you-very-much).  I levitate, I disappear, sometimes I am in 2 rooms at once, etc.  So I decided ta push the hurricane away from us here.

I spent 2 days stood up on the high shoe rack using my mental energies. 

I know SOME Beins have claimed ta do that hurricane-pushin thing, but it doesnt usually werk for them.  It werks fer me! The proof is obvious. 

Three days ago, the track was centered ta go dead-center right over us.  Now it is way out ta the ocean.  *I* did that!  You dont have to thank me; it was for entirely selfish reasons.  Hey, we're cats, selfish is normal.

But second, such efforts come with a cost...  Hurricanes have some mild powers too, and there was a backlash.  Right after I diverted the Hurricane, I left my high shoe rack sanctuary and went ta sit on the top platform of one of the cat trees.  Just as I jumped up to it, there was an EXPLOSION!

Does something look odd about this picture?

How about NOW?

OK, I'll make it obvious...

The top platform went BANG with ME on it.  I nearly had a kitniption!  And I may be down to 8  (or 7) lives.  It went all KA-FLOOEY.  Here are the pieces down on the floor...
 Obviously, it was a reaction from the Hurricane diverting werk.  I know, I know, those things are dangerous ta mess with, but it was impawtant!
I've instructed TBT to either repair it or replace it.  So far, he says it could go either way.  He says he could probly bust out the broken inside stuff what holds the post up an replace the "screw-in parts" with wood, glue, and screws.  Or he could order a new post with the "screw-in parts" built in like the original.  OR, he could take the lowest post we never sit in and move it to the top.

MY opinion is that the busted one has bad Mojo from the Hurricane backlash, and he agrees.  Do you think he should A) order a new post or B) move the lowest post ta the top?