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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Caturday Saturday

We learned something about thistle seeds.  Well, ya see, last Winter, we had Goldfinches and Purple Finches crowding our thistle feeders.  It was great Birdie TV!

But then, when TBT bought new seed at the local store, none of the birdies came to eat.  We were very sad...

TBT did all he could.  He changed the seeds every couple weeks, but they just dint like them.  So he did what good Beins do an researched it. 

It seems that those Finchy birds only eat really fresh seeds.  And a lot of what is sold at stores isn't all that fresh.  And the seeds the Finchies liked were from an order of 50 pounds of the stuff from one company an the stuff they DINT like was the reglar bagged stuff at the stores.

Well, guess what he did?  Yeah, he hunted up that fresh stuff.  Its at Home Depot online.
Wagner's 50 lb. Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food

So check that out iffen ya have those thistle seed feeders.  Don't worry, the Home Depot doesnt even know we exist.

The Finchies love it.  Our Birdie TV is suddenly active again, and even when TBT moves the feeders around so we cant just reach out an grab the birdies, they find the new spots.

Well, at least we get ta watch them.  Which is pretty good.