Thursday, October 15, 2015


Megan said:  "It's fabulous to have this interaction. Thank you one and all.

Am I allowed to ask more questions in response to the answers to some of these questions?

Yes...  The vote was 3 to 1 about that.

TBT's slippers: okay, so are you saying that between you, you just rip and tear at anything you want around the house? That sounds a bit naughty and in the case of the big watery bed, positively disastrous!

Egg cartons with nip or treats - I agree that it was a fabulous suggestion. I guess the treats would make a rattling sound until you figured out how to get them out, so that's even more fun.

Expensive new cat tree: it's a Rule. It's written down somewhere. The more $$ paid for a cat toy, the less the cat will use it. That's why cats like cardboard boxes and paper bags - they cost nuffink.

Dead things pics: whadayamean that you didn't think the agreement applied to mousies. Why wouldn't it? I think you secretly enjoyed shocking us all with those very confronting pics, posted without any warning and now you're just trying to squirm out of accepting responsibility.

Ayla's basket: well, it seems that TBT can be a bit slow sometimes, doesn't it - that he hadn't thought to bring the basket down to a workable/comfortable height before now. I guess better late than never. Perhaps TBT can store his slippers up on top of the kitchen cabinets now that there's space for them. They might keep them safe from bunny kicking.

Yeah thats a lot, whew...  But, we can answer.

TBTs slippers are especially good.  He has 2 pair.  He wears 1 largish with thick socks and 1 small without.  They are both softish leather and wunnerfully attackable.  We probably get more fun from them than he does.  Although it is confoosing when he is wearing them.  Fer some reason, we can't attack them much when he is wearing them.  Apparently, his feet bleed easily.  ~ Iza

The cardboard egg cartons are a favrite of ours.  Well MOSTLY Izas.  But Ive been caught doing some kicking myself.  Iffen TBT put treats in the egg cartons, I'd be after them a lot more.  ~ Marley

The cat trees are an exception to the "expensive" rool!  We all LOVE the trees.  We are expecting TBT to fix the tall platform, but not iffen it means there is a stoopid rippy 2" bolt sticking down in the hut below it!

The dead things pics are tricky.  We unnerstand that bunnies are iffy prey ta some of our Bein friends, but they are REAL eciting ta US.  And colorful birdies.  We dont find those often at all  (we get more birdies who die on the big glass doors then anny other way and they are already dead).

But vole-mousies are generally just too common fer us ta apologize for, so get used ta it.  We like catching them, TBT praises us for catchin them, an it is the most natural thing fer us ta catch.  An we post our posts about catchin them fer our fellow cats to enjoy...  We dont do it ta shock anny Beins, just to show off our happy-skills-and-thrills among our fellow kittehs.

We don't show ya a tenth of them cuz TBT doesn't see most of them.  We just eat them.  The ones HE sees are our gifts we bring ta the door.  I was just ecited by finding where they all went ta hide, and that I could catch every one, and that more would move in.  TBT depends on me (an sometimes Iza and Ayla) to keep them down to a dull yardy-squeek.  ~ Marley

The basket was up on the cabinets fer a few years before TBT took one down last week ta put toys in.  He has a collection of odd baskets, and most he wants ta save.  But that one was good fer collectin garden foods in daytime and toys at night.  I really liked it.  ~ Ayla

We hope that esplains some stuff...

Thursday Commentary/Answery Day

Another day of answering comments and questions from our friends...  We enjoy this.

Katie Isabella said "Ground is hard clay and chert."  Get a "garden fork", the tines get around the rocks and through the clay.  TBT got a solid steel one that is indestructible.

About cardboard egg cartons:  Summer said "I never thought of those as cat toys!"  Everything is a cat toy.  You just have to be creative.

About cardboard egg cartons:  Megan said "But, I wonder, how do you know that it's okay to bunny-kick that egg carton and rip it to shreds but not do something similar to, say, TBT's slippers?"  You should see me bunny-kicking TBT's slippers!  They are all suede leather with fuzzy insides!  ~ Iza

About cardboard egg cartons:  The Meezer Mews asked "Was that cardboard nip flavored??
Maybe TBT can put some kibbles in there fur you to hunt!"  No the egg cartons aren't nip-flavored.  And no TBT didn't put treats in the egg carton.  But he thinks that is a GREAT idea and will do it next time!

About the replacement post fer the cat tree:  The Whiskeratti asked "We're glad you are getting a fully functional tree again but DARN! he shoulda bought a new tree. They got some fancy options out there now...."  Yeah, we have seen good ones.  We especially like that one in the center of the Katnip Lounge.  But it is over $400 and TBT says he has never seen a cat on it there.  He is annoyingly practical.

About the Nip plant:  Pilch 15 and Meowing said "OH my, that last photo looks like you may have overdone just a bit :)"  In the immortal words of Phineus and Ferb, "Yes, Yes I am".  Did.  That Nip plant stored up its greatness while the rains fell while I was away.  ~ IZA

About the Mousie What Was Caught:  Megan said "I thought we'd agreed that posts with close-ups of dead things needed to come with a warning for those of us who are a tad squeamish."  Sorry, we dint (and dont) think that applied ta mousies.  ~ Marley

About the basket I was sittin in:  Megan asked "Where has TBT been hiding that basket all this time?"  The basket was previously up on top of the kitchen cabinets where even *I* cant get to.  ~ Ayla

About the replacement cat tree post:  Many hoped it was fixed by now.  It isn't.  It is badly made.  Instead of flush strong plastic holders, there are just wood blocks screwed in.  And they arent flush to the surface, so it rocks if attached.  With skinny bolts that stick out and could hurt us!  It is being returned with complaints and HISSES.  TBT says he can do better than THAT hisself!  And will.  ~ IZA

And lastly, about that bag of thistle seeds ta power our Birdie TV:  Its a 50# bag of really fresh seeds, and to keep the seeds fresh, they have all been put in plastic containers in the freezer.  It worked last Fall/Winter, I hope it will work again this time.  And we are being visited by goldfinches again, so we guess they like it.  ~ TBT