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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Non-Decepticat Saturday

AYLA:  This isnt from today.  We'll be honest about that.  Mostly cuz some of you may know that Rachel Maddow isnt ON on Saturdays and we dont wanna be caught faking the date.  If we were sure we could get away with it though, we would.  Deception is a very ancient an honorable cat-practice, after all...
If her picture wasnt involved, I might have tried it.  But first, I wanted ta show you all how carefully I watch the TV.  In the top pic, Rachel was talking, so I looked at her (I can tell what Being is talkin even though the sound comes from way out at the sides).  In this other pic, I could tell what Bein was being referred to, so I looked at HIM.
But its honest in the sense that this is how we spend most of our evenings after dinner, so that makes it "OK".  We watch some TV while we slow down fer the evening while settled down somewhere.  So this pic is typical.  It IS usually Iza on TBTs lap with Marley on the Otto-man, an me somewhere close by, but mainly all of us in the same room.

Thats a good way ta spend an evening, right?  We hope ya all do that too.