Sunday, October 18, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  We still dont have the broken top platform replaced, but thats cuz TBT doesnt want us scraped by the long sticky-down bolt that comes with the replacement post.  Its still pretty good having 2 cat trees looking out a big double window at a close real tree with birdies in it a lot.  So we're not complaining TOO MUCH (yet).
The remaining platforms are a good height fer birdie-watchin...
Ayla is nappin in the bedroom.  We have all generally agreed that it is HER territory in daytime, but ALL of ours when TBT is sleeping in there. 

We all have our spots on the bed at night.  Marley gets unner the blankies about his length away from TBT (Marley doesnt like the TBTs turning and tossing) and Ayla gets in right next ta TBT fer an hour at a time an SHE leaves when he moves around.   I get in a corner of the waterbed frame cuz that doesn't move when he tosses around.

But I have a sad.  I would be there unner the blankies too, but he doesn't like me there.  I drape right over his hips, stick my feet in his tummy, and hold on with my claws when he turns.  Fer some reason, he doesnt like that much.

So he eventually has to push me just out of reach of him and then *I* dont like THAT very much.  Im a full-contact kitty...

But Im still there on the bed (as we all are here at night), so thats still good.  He asks me sometimes why I'd rather be in the corner than unner the covers with my claws just 1" away from him.

What a silly Bein!  How can I get a good grip on him from 1" away???