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Thursday, November 05, 2015


IZA:  Wow, Me an Marley are getting along great lately!
He wants TBTs lap like I do, but he knows I am supreme on it.
So he accomodates...
Even sits kinna funny so as not to bother me.
But he actally doesn't bother me.  He's warm.
And he doesn't move.  Much.
I'm still a tiny bit suspicious.  He MIGHT be trying ta make room fer Ayla, ya know.
But so long as he ISNT, I feel good with him near me.
My tongue comes out when I'm happy.  Does yours?
An I even relaxed back on him.
OOH!, Thats good...
 Marley likes it here with me.
We each find our comfy spots...
 Awkward though they seem.
OK, we are goin back ta the snoozies...  Thank Bast fer TBT watching some TV at night...  It keeps him from moving around much.