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Friday, November 13, 2015

Freaky Friday

TBT surprised us today!  He brought out the Evil Puzzle Box.  We had forgotten completely about it. 

So we were all "What's this?  Marley remembered!
Then he picked it up an put kibbles inside.  Oh, OK.  But Marley went nutso.  Hes crazy fer kibbles.
He jammed his paws right in!  Well, OK, I get the food part.  But then I realized it was a game.  
 I prepared with a thorough licking.    Ya gotta look yer best at games...
But it seems I was a bit late.  Marley hadn't done his licking first and went right AT it.   Hmmm....
There weren't many left by the time I joined.  But its OK, TBT says he will refill it later.  An Ayla and I got the EGG full of kibbles too when Marley was feeling fat and happy off in the bedroom.

Actually it was worth missing out on some kibbles (Marley adores them a lot more than us girlcats) to see him go at the things.  His techniques WERE educational.

We will get our time at the puzzle box (TBT promises) when Marley is outside tomorrow.  Because Marley just WON'T share kibbles.  He is a LOT of good things, but NOT a kibble-sharer...