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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monday Surprise

IZA:  Warning, there is a dead bird in this post.  But we dint kill it...

A sparrow comitted birdicide on our deck door yesserday.  TBT an us heard a thump and ran over ta look, but we dint see it.  Well, MOST times when they hit the door, they can still fly away.  This one dint.  But it was well hidden among the leafs.
But then I did see it after lunch an pulled it off the leafs.
It dint move.  And smelled air temperature.  
I poked it a few times hopefully...
I tossed it around a couple times and pulled on a few fevvers.  But it wasnt really very inneresting.  An I wasnt hungry enough ta mess with the fevvers.
So TBT tossed it over the fence...  Might as well make some possum happy.