Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Pawty!

Well, TBT has looked at places to move to.  And he has decided the best place for us to be in is...


Right here, not moving, staying in place!  The Green House, right where we are now, no relocation, etc...

He will be explaining on his own blog, but WE get ta tell you all first the basic good news.  We arent gonna hafta learn a new house and yard at least fer a few years!

And some of yer comments HELPED!

We are throwin a small pawty!  There will be light foods and drinks.

They are all Nip-flavored.  Just choose a color.

TBT will also have kibbles in his pockets to toss around fer us all ta chase.  It's more fun than it may sound.  Ya gotta be quick.  TBT says it is sort of like Kitty Rugby!

Its not one of our full-blown pawties; just a happy-paws celebration that there is no Moving in the immediate future...