Friday, November 27, 2015

Freaky Friday - Camera Change

AYLA:  The camera is dead; long live the new camera!  We are going to be a bit out of order with the pictures fer a few days because we wanted ta post about this today.  But TBT has a new camera and WE are gonna esplain why cuz he probly wouldnt if left to hisself!

Ya see, he has been gettin annoyed by how slow the old camera was about taking flashie pictures.  Ya may have noticed that we show mainly still shots with none of us movin.  Thats cuz the camera gets the slows fer about 5 seconds when it decides it needs the flashie ta help it. 

Which frustrated TBT a WHOLE lot cuz sometimes he never knows when the picture will be taken after he pushes the button.  So a few nights ago, when Iza was doing her "fetch and return trick", TBT was tryin ta get pictures of that an just COULDNT.  Every time he tried ta take a picture of her "oh-so-cutely" (GAG) carryin a tossed mousie back ta him, he couldn't get the camera to respond.

So when he set the camera down on the table "just a tiny bit hard" (koff, koff) right on the stuck-out lens, IT decided it was tired of HIM and it committed "stuckicide and refused to operate anymore.

This is the last picture it ever took; Iza standing next to the toy she dropped at his feet...
So TBT did what he had to do; buy a new camera...  He could have gotten one of those fancy cameras, but we suspect HE KNOWS he is too simple ta operate them.  So he went to Consumer Reports  and looked fer the best few subcompact point-and-shoot types.   He found that the response time was part of "ease of use", and they had a couple rated best fer both that and image quality.  Then he looked up THOSE at a camera site and Amazon to see if there were important negative comments.  There weren't. 

So he decided on a Canon SX600 HS.  It came in silver, black, and red, and he figured he could find a red easiest.  So we have a new red camera. 

TBT is not utterly thrilled.  It has a pop-up flash (why would anyone do THAT - it requires pushing a slide button on the side)?  And you cant FORCE it to flash.  There is only auto and off. 

So, annyway, here is the first picture he took with the new camera. 
It seems to werk well enough though, and he says he figures he will get used to it.

But we have existing pictures ta use and TBT says not to waste decent pictures (week old, max).  So we will be using those until we catch up.  Forgive us; it gets US a few days rest from pictures...