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Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Camera Comments


Well, we sure got some inneresting comments about the new camera.  So, since *I* posted about it, TBT said I should respond ta them.  That was earlier this afternoon, but I was takin a nap then.  But Im up now so...

First, the one thing the camera cant do is take a picture of itself, so here is what it looks like.
Product Details

Summer said "that delayed flash thing means the camera was old, old old!".  Yeah, but the new one isn't much faster.

Megan said "As for her game of Retrieve - I have to ask: is she planning on morphing into a woofie any time soon?"  Well, Iza is a Tonkinese and they DO have some "woofie-ish" habits.  She follows TBT everywhere for example.  And retrieves tossed toys.  And sleeps next to him all night.  Its almost embarassing.  On the other paw, she gets a lot more scritchies, food, laptime, and toy-toss time, so mebbe she isnt quite as dumb as she seems.  NO, Im NOT jealous.  Much.  much...

The MeezerMews said "At least the old camera didn't die a traumatic death like meowmy's furst camera."  Ha-Ha, TBTs cameras all die horribly.  The previous one got pounded on a table until it died, the one before was left out in the rain, and the one before THAT we I pushed off the half-wall and down the stairs until it stopped working.

Punapippuri said "We have the problem with bad lighting indoors now and not much more light outside, so low light stuff is really important."  TBT learned today that he CAN force the camera ta flash, but it takes a couple menu steps to force that.  Which he finds annoying because sometimes he  WANTS light reflections and he doesnt remember instructions too good.

The Whiskeratti said "Mom mostly uses her smartphone camera to take pics of us. She also has a Nikon Coolpix with a neat pet photo setting - push the button and it takes three pics in a row of each shot". We dont have a smartphone.  Just the one-thing cordless phone.  But he did find neat features like "Burst" that takes endless pictures in a row, and stuff fer low-light, snow (he is still trying ta figure that one out), long exposure, etc.  This camera actually does quite a lot.  If you can remember how ta get to the features in the menu.  I figure TBT has a snowballs chance in heck of remembering how...

Flynn said "My mum wants to get a new point and shoot because there are black marks appearing in the photos".  We had pale white circles on the last camera.  TBT kept cleaning the lens until he realized they were only in some pictures but not in nearly identical others.  So it was some digital warp.  We hope this one doesn't do that.  But it would be nice if the camera didnt make all our floors look dirty (koff, koff)!

Brian said "New cameras take some time to learn".  Only if the user isnt as dumb as a duck.  TBT says "point and shoot" means "point and shoot, no menus".

Cara N Crew said "her new flashy box is red too for similar reasons yet she still manages to "mislay" it".  Yeah, I bet he goes "red-blind" real quick and wont be able ta find the new camera soon.  I even bet that even though he keeps it in his pocket from wake-up to bedtime, he manages ta lose it within a month.  It will be out in the toolshed or down in the basement and he will wander around aimlessly fer an hour looking fer it.  MOL!

Pilch said "I hope TBT was able to find a deal on the new camera with all the sales this time of year".  Of course not.  He bought it last week and has already seen it 50 green papers cheaper today (while getting the picture used above).  He has the timing talent of a broken clock...

Tonk's Tale said "Well, WE say that a new camera to show off your best side is TOP priority".  Well, I suppose iffen TBT HAS to take pictures of me us, they might as well be good ones...