Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thankful Thursday

IZA:  We are a little behind.  We got a sample box from [corrected to:  Purr*Packs, ] and TBT set it aside while we caught up with the new camera an "some stuff".  But he opened it today.
Not least the COOL packing.
But I looked at all the new THINGS.
And checked out the box...
It was good!
But back to tha stuff what was IN the box...
Do ya notice which item is missing?
Now we are all gonna show off the great stuff in the box fer the next whole WEEK (its all that good).

But we are gonna post tomorrow about the missing item that we all went catfrastically NUTSO over...  Its the thing ya don't see in this picture but what was in a previous one.

TBT actually had ta take it away an put it in a dresser drawer because he was feared we would get heartly attacks (and so he could sleep).

It excited us so much, we dint even demand our latest night dinner...

And there wasn't even Nip involved!

[Corrected to:]
Thank you Purr*Packs,
Thank you Purr*Packs,
Thank you Purr*Packs.

The big reveal is tomorrow...