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Friday, December 04, 2015

Thankful Thursday, 2

IZA:  The missing item from yesserday is the toy we are calling  "Chirpie Chicken".  It makes birdie sounds!  It is called the "Look Who's Talking Chicken Cat Toy at

We dont advertise stuff, an we dont earn anny money, but we did get this stuff fer free.  And iffen we dont much like something we get, we will say so.  Just so ya know.

But I went absolutely totally nuts fer this thing.  I dint even wait fer TBT ta take the cardboard name tag off it.  We have had squeeky mice and ignored them.  This chicken kept me us so busy for hours, TBT had to hide it in a drawer so he could get some sleep!

Now fer some pictures of last night...

Oh sweet chickie, you are ALL mine!
At paw's reach...
Dare to take this and you will die a clawy death  TBT!!!
The chirps DEMAND my attention...
I will carry you around.  Everywhere...  Cuz Ayla is following us around trying ta get ahold of you.  An even Marley is watchin us carefully!