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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Thankful Thursday, 4


We have ta change our planned posts a bit.  First, we were expecting the "Petcakes" right out of the box, but they need to be prepared and cooked.  Not a problem fer TBT since he seems ta cook a lot of stuffs, but he wasnt ready fer that just before bedtime.  So he will do that in a couple days.

*I* was expecting to review the fish-shaped scratcher, but TBT decided we have some others ta use up first.  So he will set this one aside fer a week.  But dont worry, we use up scratchers pretty fast.  "Iza The Ripper" is best at it by far.  I use them generally.  Ayla likes sisal rope posts.

There are 2 chewy sticks I wanted ta play with (lower right).
But they seem to have disappeared.  At the daily fambly meeting, we all pointed paws at Iza as the likely sneak, but she is acting all innicent (much more beleefable than usual), so Ayla and I are eyeing each other, and I know *I* didnt grab them.  One thing we are pretty sure of is that TBT dint eat them.  He doesnt even like Slim Jims.

He did eat a couple of our kibbles once just to see what they were like...  But we are all sure it was one of us.  We have even gone so far as the sniff each other's butts for clues.  But since only ONE of us knows what they taste like,  the two innicent ones of us arent sure what ta sniff FOR and the guilty party isnt telling.

So we will post a picture of the packing material that we have been scatterring around...
Its really fun.  TBT says we CAN cuz it is really easy ta sweep up.  And then he will compost it.

Tomorrow, we will post about the 2 pouches of treats.  At least we KNOW we will get THOSE and can mention the 3 "T"s (Taste, Texture, and Tquantity)!