Monday, December 07, 2015

Thankful Thursday, 5 And A Correction

We need to correct something we have been saying.  The goodie box did not come from  It came from Purr*Packs, which somehow TBT THOUGHT was the name of the promotional program, but of course, he was COMPLETELY wrong.

Purr*Packs is a company that specializes in discovering and sharing new and innovative cat products for their customers.  They are a subscription service that sends out monthly packs (in 3 sizes) of interesting cat toys and products. 

They sent us a sample box for review on our blog.  We really apologize for our confusion.  Now we return to our review...

AYLA:  First, I did NOT steal the stick treats.  TBT found them hiding under the scratcher in the original box.

Now, to the 2 pouches of threats...  One is fer good dental care, one is fer just taste.  But quite frankly, I we have never been able to tell much difference.  What WE like is the CRUNCH!  So those dental type treats seem good ta us.

Last time I went to the vet, he knocked me out with a baseball bat, pulled all my teeth out, boiled them, and glued them back in [TBT:  AYLA!  it was a groggy-shot and they cleaned your teeth very gently].  Well, thats not how *I* remember it!

But we got ta eat some of each:

 We loved
Just plain Nom...!
So we are sure you will like both yerselfs.