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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Thankful Thursday, 6 And Toesie Tuesday

MARLEY:  TBT said we should stop dragging out the postings about all the cool things in the goodie box from Purr*Packs ta post about one day at a time, so he gave us the rest of the stuff this afternoon.

We think...

Well, we thought there was another toy or two in the box, but we went after Chirpie Chicken so fast, we arent sure.  Ayla says she bets we see something familiar from the goodie box under the Holiday Tree.  She might be right; she has a better memory fer things like that than Iza or I do.  The 2 chew sticks got some good attention.

The doorknob-hanging scratcher didnt.  We are more into the sisal rope on the posts of our two cat-trees and the 2 floor Esses.  Ya get used ta stuff bein in certain ways, ya know?  So TBT says he is gonna attach boards on the sides of the doorknob-hanger scratcher an turn it into a floor model.  If that werks, we'll show pictures.

But we want ta get back ta regular pictures of our daily stuff.  This being Toesie Tuesday, who else should I show but Iza The Toesie Queen...?

And flashie
And closest