Friday, December 11, 2015

Fun and Nappy Friday

MARLEY:  What a wunnerful day we had outside today!  Well, the afternoon annyway.  TBT was off doing errands in the morning.  But then we got outside.

It was like September!  70F and sunny.  The door stayed open so we could come and go as we pleased.  We ran all over the backyard; even Ayla came down off the deck briefly.

Finally, though, it was time fer afternoon naps and we decided ta all nap on the bed sort of together (well, as opposed to nappin in differnt rooms)...

As usual, Im between Ayla and Iza.
And in fact, the sisfurs napped longer than I did.   So since I was up, I decided I would just do todays post.
So here is Ayla nicely anap.
And Iza, completely zonked...
She probly wont get up til dinnertimes.