Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday

This week we are thankful for KIBBLE!  We only get them as treats, but TBT is creative about how we get them.  Sometimes, we just each get our own little pile (which IS a bit routine).  But sometimes he tosses a handful across the entire kitchen floor so we run around grabbing one at a time.

 Even better is when he puts a bunch in the puzzle box an we reach in a pull them out one atta time.
Also good is when he fills up the EGG and we bat it around ta get a couple atta time ta fall out the little hole.
ALSO good is when we are all nappin in the bedroom and TBT sets up an "Easter Egg Hunt" fer us!  He hides individual kibbles all over the house - in the cat tree huts, on the lowest bookcase shelves,  on chairs, unner the TV, on tables, etc.  We keep finding them all day long...

But BEST is the evening Kibble Toss.  TBT puts a little bowl of kibbles on the TV tray an while he eats his dinner he tosses kibbles one at a time into the living room where they bounce around on the wood floor.  We go chasin them like crazy.  Actally, he tosses one toward each of us so we get our fair share.  Otherwise, a certain mancat here would get them all!