Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thankful Thursday For Kibble Bags

We LOVE gettin into the new-emptied kibble bags.
The smell is WUNNERFUL!
 TBT COULD just put it in the trash...
But he lets us play in it...
And lick in it...
An generally check it out.  Its almost like sniffing NIP!
Marley especially loves gettng his nosie in there.
And sometimes has a hard time gettin it OUT...
Ha ha, stuck!
While WE watch.
He runs it all around the kitchen.
 OK,  Marley, get OUT of it.
Ahem, Marley...
We want a turn...
He IS obsessed ya know...
MY turn...
Ayla showed off by crawling completely into the entire bag, licking, and walking back out
She is thinking of doing it again.  But there are whapping possibilities.  So she doesnt.
Oh, and BTW, Happy New Year...  We enjoy it our way, you enjoy it yours.  MOL!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Little Error In Planning

MARLEY:  Well, I got caught off guard today.  No, Iza didnt pounce me.  Nor did Ayla (now THAT really would have been a surprise).

Its just that I casually asked Iza what she had posted today (it being Tuesday an that's her usual day), and she said "I posted yesserday on YOUR usual day, so today was YOUR turn".  Hmmm,  so I asked Ayla if she had posted.  She hadnt.  So I (very hopefully) asked TBT iffen he had posted an he said "Well its YOUR blog.  I  TELL you when I rarely post on it".


So I ran to the computer and looked fer a picture I could use (avoiding the temptation of stealing one of the Sisfurs pictures). 

So here I am asleep on a towel wif my nosie stuck into a fold.  Not my most flatterring (or inneresting pic)...  I was hoping not ta havfta use that one.  It doesnt make me look especially mancatly. 
But mebbe I can make up a bit by describing the scene.  The towel is there because TBT hadda bring the outside deck plants in afore they got frozen and they had water in the pots.  And when he pushed them into the house one fell over and water came out so he had to dry the floor (hence the towel).

But it dried, and a towel on the floor is always something ta nap on, so THERE I WAS!


And there I was, caught...  Youve had days like this, right?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Food Bowl Control

IZA:  Yeah, this is sposed ta be Mancat Monday, but Marley just gives it up sometimes.  I mean, here is the way the feeding usally goes:  I get my bowl, Marley gets his, an Ayla has hers up on the shoe rack where I cant reach.  But Marley can.

So what usally happens is that I eat mine fast, shove my nosie into Marley's bowl, and he goes and eats whatever Ayla hasnt (cuz Ayla eats only what she needs and leaves the rest which Marley finishes off).

Now, TBT isnt dumb.  He knows how the bowl-parade werks, ya know?  I lick MY bowl clean, move into Marley's, and he goes and finishes Ayla's bowl.  I love him to death, but he actally spoons out the food knowing our patterns.  Mine gets less, Marley's gets more an Ayla's gets a LOT more.

How does she NOT just eat everything in her bowl?  I dont get it.  I'm on the old  joke "seafood diet" (I see food I eat it).  An SHE doesnt!  An Marley could eat 10 pounds a day and not gain anny weight!

Mebbe thats why *I* look like this an my nickname is "Pudge"..
and she is all like THIS...

And she is OLDER than me.

Its NOT FAIR!  And that's after TBT WORKED ta get her weight UP from 5.5 to 7 pounds...

TBT says I am gonna haveta go on a diet come 2016.  NO!!!

*I* think my proper weight is about 16 pounds,  with treats!  So I should get MORE foods.

Am I right?  Right?  Or um...  uh, mebbe not?  Girlcats, Spitty, help me out here...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  TBT had a surprise today!  This is "Marley's Hammick".  But that is not Marley on Marley's Hammick...
TBT has never seen either Ayla or Me on it before.  Well, its TBTs fault...
Iffen ya look careful, ya can see the new cat-mat on the hammick.  TBT tossed it there while he was cleaning.  And since *I* have claimed the cat-mat as my own, I went to where it was and curled up on it.
Im CONSIDERING taking over the hammick now...

Friday, December 25, 2015

Chisseymouse Morning Wakies, 6 am...

But wait, it is not yet
Finally quite time,
First we must awake
To make the last rhyme.

Is it time ta get up?  Did Sandy Claws come?
We were good an stayed in the bedroom ALL NIGHT.  Can we see what we got?
 Is it time, TBT?  Can we go out and look now?
So, last rhyme for now, we promise...

"The Time is Now
The Place is Here
We Wish you Merry Chrissymouse 
And Happy New Year!

(We are unashamed thieves of clever lines)

TBT:  Yes, Mews. Lets go look under the tree and see what Sandy Claws left you...

US:  Oh WOW!

In utter happiness, we received such a gift, we knew in an instant it was done by St Nick.  It was not anything we suspected, but it shone with such love, there never was a doubt it was the best gift we could have received.

TBT here:  *I* know about their secret gift.  The Mews have each used up a life so far, and now they have 9 again.  Santa left me a short note about it.  And I won't tell them.  Would it matter?

But here is what THEY saw, and it shone their eyes with wonder.  All the cards their friends had sent were laid out under the tree.  To remind them each how many wonderful friends they have.  And that was enough for each of them at this special time of year...  They sat and purred and purred...
Santa had laid out all the snail-mail cards...
For them to see unner the trees as gifts of love from all of you!  And while it doesn't show in the camera picture, the cards GLOWED softly all day.

Well, they got email cards, but Santa dint have time (even as well as he manages his time)  to go print the email cards (its a slow printer even at Santa-speed).  But we loved THEM too!  So when we looked at the email cards later THEY glowed fer a while too...  Santa is AMAZING!

We got not a mouse, not a cat tree, nor scratcher; not treats, fancy food, or even a chickie-hatcher.  But surely we could not complain when the gifts were the snail mail and email cards of caring and sharing and love.

It was a GREAT CHRISSYMOUSE DAY!  One of the best EVER.  Thank You one and all...

Mark's Mews and TBT

Twas The Night Before Chrissymouse

Twas the Night Before Chrissymouse,
We kitties were fed
To the top of our tummies.
So we all went to bed.

There was fussing aplenty
Fore we did lay to sleep.
But the dresser-drawer went
To Iza to sleep.

Ayla went for the shoe rack,
The top towel softest.
While Marley decided
On waterbed topness.

It could have gone better,
TBT thought afters
"The chimney's not swept
In a Year of Decembers".

But wisely he closed
The door of the room
When he heard the old Elf
Coming down with a boom.

"Oh Dash-it-all, Dash-it
I'm covered with soot
And I think I have
Injured my ankle and boot"

"And what's this? I'm consigned
To the basement as well?
That darn house designer
Is dumb as a bell".

But stumbling forward
He noticed quite near
Not some milk and a cookie,
But a pickle and beer!

"At least these cats know
How to give me some cheer!
The best snack I've gotten 
This whole day-long year".

Well all is not lost he thought to himself,
Let me what they've got,
Chirpie Chick, wand toys, mice
Well, already a lot!

"Quite lucky cats", he smiled and grinned, 
"But I have something special, not toys, I can give.
They each will get 1 extra life
And TBT good health for to help them to live"

"And I'll give them something visible
That isn't so material."
And set about arranging things
In ways that were quite magical.

"So when they wake this Christmas morn,
Their sleepy eyes shall see.
The proof that they are loved so much.
Underneath the Tree."

He spent not a planck-time
Arranging his work.
And when he was done,
Gave his nose a slight twerk.

Up the chimney he rose,
To the reindeer he whistled,
And away they all flew
Like a whisper of thistle.

He said not a word,
Far too busy for that.
But he surely does have
A great love for us cats.

We never did stir,
Not a sound we did hear.
We slept the most soundest
Of nights all this year.

Tomorrow, what we saw in the morning!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Chrissymouse Eve Morning

We are all ecited.  TBT says Sandy Claws will be here sometime during the night, so we cant stay up too late later tonight.  We cant imagine HOW we could sleep on a special night like this will be, but apparently we will.

TBT has told us not too expect TOO much, as we seem to be overloaded with toys, cat trees, scratchers, treats, etc.  Right!  Like there can ever be too many of THOSE...

But he says that we are all Very Good Kitties, so he is sure Sandy Claws will come up with SOMETHING to surprise us.  That it is sort of HIS special talent.  Well, OK, but it better not be coal wrapped in ribbons or a tub of new kitty litter!  Ya know, nothing PRACTICAL.

Ta make things harder for waiting fer tomorrow, it has been raining 3 days, so we cant go out an run around to burn up energy and time.  So he says he will play wand-toys with us so we are good and tired AND we will get Real Chicken before bedtime.  Well, Marley doesnt actally LIKE Real Chicken, so he will get some Real Treats (as opposed to just reglar kibbles).

We don't have anny good pictures of us prowling around waiting for the day to end, so we are using a great header from Ann that has a lot of good pictures of us together...  We are just too twitchy ta be very creative today.

Merry Chrissymouse Eve to all our friends!

Iza Update, Bast, we arent gonna make it .  Its barely past 3 pm.  Marley ran out into the drizzle, Ayla is prowling on the bookcase tops, and I am followin TBT around everywhere (well I usually do anyway) askin when it is gonna get dark.  Be soon Dark, be soon...

This "bein good" stuff is drivin us all crazypants!  What iffen I fail at the last minute.   What isfwhappin the Chirpie Chicken is a Naughty thing.   What if NIP is a naughty thing?  Pant, pant, pant...

What iffen Sandy Paws gives ME Ayla's deserved lump of coal?    I will be good Sandy Claws, never eat too much from Marleys bowl...


How can TBT stay so CALM???

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Not Werdless Wensday

IZA:  What? You think I sleep ALL the time?  I have guard duties too ya know...
Annything dangerous comes near TBT and Im ON IT!

Fer example, there hasn't been a Vishus Deer, Weasel or Evil Skwerl got past me in the house attacking TBT EVER...   Im 100% on THAT!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  Yeah, me of course...  Who else here does "TOESIES" like me?
I DO like ta keep all my toesies together when I nap.  Wouldnt want one slipping away while I wasnt watching, ya know!  They have a wandering habit.  But as long as each one is in contact, they stay together.  A Groupness, right?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  It was one of those days yesserday
Where I ran around SO much outside
I just HAD to  pass out on TBTs lap
 After dinner
And hope neither Iza nor Ayla disturbed my napping!
They dint...  Well, Ayla hopped up on the arm an then the back of the chair fer a while.  I could tell by the way it rocked slightly.  And I can tell the differnce between Iza and Ayla doin that even in my sleep.  Hey, at 11 lbs vs 7 lbs, how could I NOT tell the differnce even in my sleep?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Easy Like Sunday

Well, mebbe this is more like Giftee Sunday!  We got sent a really great PREZZIE.  From Mom Ellen and the 15 And Meowing
It was oddly eciting so I took it right over.
Buried my nosie in it.
And snuggled as close as I could!
It was wunnerful...
Good bunny-kicking stuff too.
What, that's NIP in there.  I didnt know...  NOT!
Ya cant hide good fresh Nip from ME.

And the cool thing?  TBT discovered a little velcro strip on one side, so he can add NEW Nip when this fades!


Do I love this Nip Mat or What?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  Well *I* sure had an eciting evening last night.  I watched dinosaurs!
Well, OK, TBT watched dinosaurs and I also watched real close up.  I like doing that.
They get my heart all thumpin, ya know?
I watched where they were going...
And what they were hunting.  I DO admire hunters, of course.
I got SO ecited I even tried ta grab one of the foods!
Of course I couldnt, they were behind the TV.  And sometimes when I check back there, they are all gone.   So I stay in front where I can at least SEE them...
Someday they will make a TV I can get INTO.  That would be great.  I would LOVE ta grab one of THOSE things!