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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Chrissymouse Eve Morning

We are all ecited.  TBT says Sandy Claws will be here sometime during the night, so we cant stay up too late later tonight.  We cant imagine HOW we could sleep on a special night like this will be, but apparently we will.

TBT has told us not too expect TOO much, as we seem to be overloaded with toys, cat trees, scratchers, treats, etc.  Right!  Like there can ever be too many of THOSE...

But he says that we are all Very Good Kitties, so he is sure Sandy Claws will come up with SOMETHING to surprise us.  That it is sort of HIS special talent.  Well, OK, but it better not be coal wrapped in ribbons or a tub of new kitty litter!  Ya know, nothing PRACTICAL.

Ta make things harder for waiting fer tomorrow, it has been raining 3 days, so we cant go out an run around to burn up energy and time.  So he says he will play wand-toys with us so we are good and tired AND we will get Real Chicken before bedtime.  Well, Marley doesnt actally LIKE Real Chicken, so he will get some Real Treats (as opposed to just reglar kibbles).

We don't have anny good pictures of us prowling around waiting for the day to end, so we are using a great header from Ann that has a lot of good pictures of us together...  We are just too twitchy ta be very creative today.

Merry Chrissymouse Eve to all our friends!

Iza Update, Bast, we arent gonna make it .  Its barely past 3 pm.  Marley ran out into the drizzle, Ayla is prowling on the bookcase tops, and I am followin TBT around everywhere (well I usually do anyway) askin when it is gonna get dark.  Be soon Dark, be soon...

This "bein good" stuff is drivin us all crazypants!  What iffen I fail at the last minute.   What isfwhappin the Chirpie Chicken is a Naughty thing.   What if NIP is a naughty thing?  Pant, pant, pant...

What iffen Sandy Paws gives ME Ayla's deserved lump of coal?    I will be good Sandy Claws, never eat too much from Marleys bowl...


How can TBT stay so CALM???