Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Little Error In Planning

MARLEY:  Well, I got caught off guard today.  No, Iza didnt pounce me.  Nor did Ayla (now THAT really would have been a surprise).

Its just that I casually asked Iza what she had posted today (it being Tuesday an that's her usual day), and she said "I posted yesserday on YOUR usual day, so today was YOUR turn".  Hmmm,  so I asked Ayla if she had posted.  She hadnt.  So I (very hopefully) asked TBT iffen he had posted an he said "Well its YOUR blog.  I  TELL you when I rarely post on it".


So I ran to the computer and looked fer a picture I could use (avoiding the temptation of stealing one of the Sisfurs pictures). 

So here I am asleep on a towel wif my nosie stuck into a fold.  Not my most flatterring (or inneresting pic)...  I was hoping not ta havfta use that one.  It doesnt make me look especially mancatly. 
But mebbe I can make up a bit by describing the scene.  The towel is there because TBT hadda bring the outside deck plants in afore they got frozen and they had water in the pots.  And when he pushed them into the house one fell over and water came out so he had to dry the floor (hence the towel).

But it dried, and a towel on the floor is always something ta nap on, so THERE I WAS!


And there I was, caught...  Youve had days like this, right?