Sunday, January 31, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  And it sure is SUN day here!  There are sun puddles everywhere.  We lounged in them all morning (Ayla is still in hers on the bedroom windersill).  Then we went outside.  Its 60F out there...  THAT should help ta get rid of the snow!

So now we are taking our EASY in the cat tree.  Pardon Marley fer yawning, at least he covered it with his paw.  Otherwise, you guys would be fallin ta the floor asleep all over the place!
 But he was back ta napping fast, then *I* was awake...
Birdies on the deck is why.  I woke up completely!
But dont worry, I got back ta nappin soon...

Saturday, January 30, 2016

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 SCATTER!

5 seconds ago, this was a nice stack of kitty cards sitting next to the computer desk.  But TBT wasn't giving me the attention I wanted, so I decided to GET it...
I got his attention after THAT!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Counting Mousies

The Post Where Marley takes over fer 'Count von Count' From Sesame Street...

Plot Intention:  Marley helps kittens learn to count using familiar objects.

Plot Device:  Sesame Street's 'Count von Count' enlists Marley to teach numbers 1-4.

Script:  (Count von Count) "Hello kittens.  Today ve haf a guest star, Marley from Mark's Mews.  He says he vill help us learn to count from 1 to 4.  Isn't that eziting?
Count von Count kneeling.png
(Marley) "Thank you Count!   I have long admired yer episodes and yer night-time habits!  I have to credit this episode to Snow, Basements, and the number "4".

We had a recent heavy snow here, and some regular outside field mousies needed shelter.  So they came into my basement seeking "shelter from the storm".  I was VERY pleased to meet them.  All cats LOVE mousies...

So today kittens, we will practice our numbers 1 -4.  That is: 1, then 2, then 3, then 4!  Are you ready to count?

First, "ONE MOUSIE". ..
 Second, "TWO MOUSIES"...
And fourth, "FOUR MOUSIES!

Wow, FOUR mousies in one day!

So kittens, that is how to count to "FOUR"!  How about that?  Did you learn something today?  Can you count to "FOUR" now?  I hope you can now. 

When you grow up, someday you will catch mousies on yer own and be able to count them yerselfs!"

End of show, as mayhem breaks out on the Sesame Street stage.  The Count claiming he was duped, the rodent actors walking off in protest,  and the stage cats re-considering their loyalty to the rodent actors...

Marley teleports home in triumph, secure in his fame as a hunter...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Path Completed...

IZA:  TBT finished shovelin a path fer us to the deck edge.  Which is a good thing.  I tried ta go up on the snow like Marley did yesserday, but (oh the shame) I SANK!  Right down ta my tummy!  Fortunately, TBT didnt have the camera in paw at the time.  Its easier ta admit ta such a thing when there is no picture of it.  I low-tailed it back inside...

But the path is clear now an Marley went right out ta the end.  I was still a bit spooked by the snow.
But he looked OK out there.
 So I joined him.  It WAS nice ta be out in the fresh air again.  And there were birdies ta watch on the snow below!
 We wandered around the clear areas fer a while. 
But there is still nowhere ta actally go with all this deep snow around, so we both came back inside fer treats.

Thanks fer puttin up with all these snow pictures.  Today's pictures are actally 2 days old.  But we had so MANY pictures an dint want to waste anny (this being a pretty unusual event).

And yer tolerance will be rewarded.  We have a real GEM of a post fer tomorrow (which also actually happened 2 days ago), and then we will be back ta real-time (or close to it).

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Walk-About Time

MARLEY:  Yay!  TBT cleared more open space in our "snow box".  It gets to the place where I can at least see over the edge.  I looked ta the left..
 I looked ta the right...
An it was still all just snow as far as I could see!   But I decided I had been trapped "IN" long enough.  Time ta get up and around.  I hopped up and (Thank Bast) didnt sink down.
I stood there fer a minnit checkin out the surface...
And proceeded ta carefully walk out ta the edge of the deck!  
Ya may notice I am walking slightly strange.
I was shakin every paw as I walked, ta get the stoopid snow off!
When suddenly, I realized TBT was there laffin at me as I did that!   WELL!  I'd like ta see HIM walk around in this stuff bare-pawed...
But it DID get me out ta the edge of the deck where there was no snow.  So I walked around a bit.
BTW, in case ya all are wonderin where Ayla is, she has decided not ta chill her princessy toes.  She is loungin on the waterbed and waitin fer the path ta be completed and the deck surface dry.  Well, OK, Mancats have ta be a bit tougher than princesses.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Too-Much-Snow Tuesday

MARLEY:  Well, TBT finally got started on diggin us a little path out on the deck so we could look around a bit.  Iza an I checked it out pretty quick.
It wasnt much of a path!
There was still snow coverin the bottom.
We looked around fer somewhere ta GO out there, but we were basicly inna big snow box!
Really, we checked behind things and along the edge of the house but there just wasnt anny space to walk along.
Iza said she would wait til later...
I decided ta give it another look.
But it still ended in a wall of snow Icould barely see over.
No use tryin ta go annywhere yet!
He said he would clear more path later...

Monday, January 25, 2016

Birdie-Feeders In The Snowy

MARLEY:  The birdies are LOVING TBT putting seeds out fer them.  And we LOVE having LOTS of them get through the Winter.  This one doesnt show the birdies cuz the instant TBT opens the door even slightly ta get a picture, they all fly away.  It's too close... So just trust us that they are there and happily gorging on seeds while the ground is all covered with snow.
This is the thistle seed feeder fer the finches (gold and purple).  No birdies there right then.
But they arrived soon.  We can only watch them from one windowsill.  But it is a GREAT watching!
Here are some closeups from the flashy-camera.  TBT discovered they dint notice our one window being raised up slightly and slowly.
They are all goldfinches.  They arent colorful much, but the bands on the backs identify them.  Plus, they are eating thistle seeds and not many birds do.
Those are FILLED PERCHES, arent they?
They sure LOVE those thistle seeds.  TBT found a place to buy 50 lbs fer $65, so we have a whole Winter's supply.
No, this picture isnt crooked.  The wind is blowing THAT hard.  How birdies fly in strong winds is beyond us.  Actally, how birdies fly AT ALL is beyond us.
More birdies...
And more...
Some hop on the ground.  That really drives us crazy.  We want to get them.  But not in 2' of snow...
Oh yeah, please survive the Winter birdies and plump up all good.  We will meet a few of you in Spring...  MOL!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowy-Blowy Sunday

OK!  We got some pictures of the snowy storm.  And there will be others tomorrow cuz it hasn't actally stopped snowin here YET!  TBT says it went over us yesserday FROM the ocean, then came back over us TO the ocean.  Like a broom goin back and forth.  That's EVIL!

But we wanna show some pictures we liked of the snow yessterday...  It looked like this at Noon Friday.  We had a flurry, but it wasn't from the Big Storm.
But after lunch, it started the Big Storm.  It only took til dark Friday to get "head-high".  When TBT told us it was just BEGINNING, we got worried.
Saturday Caturday Morning, it looked like THIS!  We were shocked.  It was really windy, so we guess the snow settles in calm spots.  Like next ta the house.  But wow, it was higher than the deck chair already.
The birdies were doing the best they could.  Thankfully, TBT had gone out after they all went to bed and filled the 2 goldfinch feeders so they would have seeds ta eat so they wouldnt be cold in the morning. 

We DO like the birdies ta be fat and healthy!!!
 Last night got kinna scary.  We mean, LOOK at this wall of snow tryin ta get in the house!  It could freeze us all.  An just so ya know, there is a yardstick buried in there!  The blowy-snow covered it...
We can only see out of windows now.    Not that THAT made us feel a lot safer!  The snow is sneakin around the roof an trying ta get at us from there while we aren't lookin...